Wednesday, March 24, 2010


WoodPecker ( is fun. It is a set of Flash Classes that lets you animate to sound. It gets really interesting when you have full flash scenes and characters that animate to a song as well as along a time line. By animating to a song I'm referring to having the image either scale vertically and proportionally according to the frequency of the beats of a song or multiply and decrease according to the frequency of the beats of a song. There are a few properties that allow you to access the beats, amplitude etc. I managed to make an animation where the main frequency display, after reaching a certain height on the stage, triggered another animation.


A few weeks ago, I experimented with Robin (, an open source flash multiuser system. It allows users to interact simultaneously over the internet within an application. It was a little difficult to get it working at first but when it was up and running it was great. I managed to get it so that each time a new user logged on to the application's website, a unique character would be added that only that specific user could use. I also like that I was able to experiment with having the users character's interact with each other (ie hittests between characters), or to have them interact with an object that is accessible to all of them. Coming from a graphic design point of view, I was only able to do so much with it but I think it's obvious that there is potential for amazing applications.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Multitouch Simulation in Flash

My latest exploration of Dan Zen's sites( Using a series of AS3 classes written by Dan, I was able to simulate Multitouch over the internet in a Flash swf.

Basically, these classes enable a number of users to interact in one game/document over the internet while also allowing the users involved to see what the others are doing on their own screens as well. For my particular swf, scaling with two mice is demonstrated ie if two mice select an image and "pinch" closer together, the image scales smaller and if the mice expand further apart, the image scales accordingly.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Playing With Flash and Web Cams

I've recently taken an interest to learning Flash CS4 and ActionScript3.0. I've been playing around (struggling) with web cam motion capture. Basically, I'm trying to use code to control motion captured by a web camera and then assign that motion to the mouse or an object on the screen. An example would be to, within a Flash movie, gesture your hand infront of the screen to control an object or select a button.
Dan Zen has a website ( that features the primary code that can be used to control web cams. it also features alot of examples of other applications for web cam control. I managed to create something similar to the Fairy example.